Dental White Fillings in Pakenham, Victoria

Dental decay is a very common dental issue that can result in tooth loss if not addressed early enough. Decay is often treated by drilling away the affected decay and replacing it with a dental filling to restore the structure and appearance of the tooth. White fillings can be made from numerous materials, composite fillings are a popular choice due to their white colouring that matches the colour of permanent teeth. At Pakenham Shine Dental, we offer dental white fillings in Pakenham that provide an aesthetically pleasing solution to tooth decay.

What Does Getting a White Filling Involve?

The procedure for white fillings first involves an injection of local anaesthetic into the gum near the affected tooth, ensuring the patient won’t experience any pain during the procedure. Next, the tooth decay is drilled away to remove bacteria and dead tooth structure. After this, the area is cleaned and the cavity is filled using composite material, restoring the tooth back to its normal shape and appearance.

What Material is Best for Fillings?

There are many different types of dental filling materials that can be used for teeth fillings. At Pakenham Shine Dental, we recommend white composite fillings for our patients due to the natural appearance and longevity of this tooth filling material. White fillings are made from a collection of resins and plastics that are bonded(glued) onto the tooth. Because of this bonding mechanism, the cavities that are prepared for the filling are a lot smaller than for the older amalgam (silver) fillings. White fillings are therefore considered better for the tooth. Composite fillings are also tooth coloured, enabling them to blend nicely with the rest of the tooth structure when used for hole filling and gap filling.

Does Getting a Teeth White Filling Hurt?

Before performing dental white fillings in Pakenham, we ensure patients will not experience pain by administering an injection of local anaesthetic into the gum. If at any time during the procedure you feel any pain, please let your dentist know and more anaesthetic can be provided. Once the anaesthetic wears off after the procedure, you may experience some sensitivity, however, this should not be overly painful.